Manufacturing Process

JMC production process is a unique combination of highly efficient manufacturing techniques, rigid quality control process and ultra modern machines and equipments. JMC well trained skilled employees are assistant at every step through the production process by experienced quality control inspectors.

JMC unique process of welding of cylinders by the combination of submerged Arc and metal inert gas welding using gas mixture of Argon and Carbon Di Oxide, produced best quality welded cylinders which are passed through the different stagesof inspection and X-Ray’s examination (Radiography) to meet the requirements of respective standards. The sequence of tests after stress relieving provides the consistency of quality. JMC’s Acetylene Cylinders are massed with its own formulation and controlled mixing system of its own unique design ensures uniformity and optimum quality of Monolithic Calcium Silicate Mass (Porous Mass) inside the finished cylinders after reaction and drying process. The cylinder after valve fitting with valve are subjected for high degree of vacuuming subsequently filling of Acetone and saturated with gas.

The special feature of JMC porous Mass is chemical stability, no effect against mechanical impact due to high crushing strength of mass, maintaining the porosity of mass between 90-92%, high degree of permeability along with the retention of Acetone during discharge of gas. Such porous mass has capacity to absorb heat of solution as well as resist decomposition of acetylene gas under pressure.v


All raw materials and components used in manufacture by JMC must meet stringent specifications. Each has to pass through our inspection and quality control to ensure compatibility with our standards.


All cylinders are subjected for shot blasting followed by Zinc metallizing and painting by electrostatic spray painting with their color code. All cylinders are punched in accordance with their specification and finally certified by Bureau of Indian Standards.vv