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JMC a technocrat's organization has specialized in manufacture of Welded Industrial Gas Cylinders including Dissolved Acetylene cylinders for a decade. The constant upgradation of the manufacturing process and the quality system helps JMC to meet the changing Indian and overseas requirements for Welded Gas Cylinders. An efficient manufacturing process with the continuous Research and Development activities, JMC could succeed to face tough competition in the country and has reached high quality level and kept its identity in the country as well as abroad.

Research & Develpoment

Manufacturing Process

JMC unique process of welding of cylinders by the combination of submerged Arc and metal inert gas welding using gas mixture of Argon and Carbon Di Oxide, produced best quality welded cylinders which are passed through the different stagesof inspection and X-Ray's examination (Radiography) to meet the requirements of respective standards. The sequence of tests after stress relieving provides the consistency of quality..more