Jai Maruti Gas Cylinders Limited


A very important section of the JMC activities is the continuous process of research & development in manufacturing of gas cylinders. their process and their betterment based on customers feed back from time to time Hence exchange of information from the customers, play an important role, which is taken care off by a team of technocrats and experienced plant operators. Due to availability of our wett experienced personnels, MC also acts as a “Solution Provider to all sorts of probleme being faced by our valuable customers pertaining to gas cylinders including DA cylinders and their applications

JMC is leading manufacturer of Dissolved Acetylene Gas Cylinders in country.

JMC’s Acetylene Cylinders are masses with its own formulation with controlled mixing system of its own unique design ensuring uniformity and optimum quality of Monolithic Calcium Silicate Mass (Porous Mass) inside the finished cylinders after reaction and drying process.