Jai Maruti Gas Cylinders Limited

Quality Standards

JMC is committed to a policy of total quality in all aspects of our operations. Our further objective is to achieve product leadership as well as customer satisfaction in domestic and export markets, by supplying Gas Cylinders of national and international standards.

We believe to create an environment of total quality management by involving our trained technicians for continuous improvement and technology up gradation.


Managing Director

Our Products Licences & Certificates

IS: 3196 Pt.2


IS: 3196 Pt.4

CM/L- 2311431

IS: 7312

CM/L- 2277053

ISO : 9001

JMC is leading manufacturer of Dissolved Acetylene Gas Cylinders in country.

JMC’s Acetylene Cylinders are masses with its own formulation with controlled mixing system of its own unique design ensuring uniformity and optimum quality of Monolithic Calcium Silicate Mass (Porous Mass) inside the finished cylinders after reaction and drying process.