Jai Maruti Gas Cylinders Limited


Using the experience of more than 30 years in cylinders, JMGCL now
manufactures containers for gases like Chlorine, Ammonia, MMA,
DMA,TMA ,Sulphur dioxide, Mehtyl Bromide ,Hydrogen
Fluoride, all the low pressure refrigerant gases and all other low
pressure gases in water capacity from 780 – 1000 Liters.

All the Containers are certified by Lloyd’s Register Marine and
Inspection Services India LLP. and approved by Petroleum and Safety
Organisation, Govt. of India.

And More

JMC is leading manufacturer of Dissolved Acetylene Gas Cylinders in country.

JMC’s Acetylene Cylinders are masses with its own formulation with controlled mixing system of its own unique design ensuring uniformity and optimum quality of Monolithic Calcium Silicate Mass (Porous Mass) inside the finished cylinders after reaction and drying process.