Dissolved Acetylene Cylinders (Welded & Seamless)

Conforms to IS: 7312

Technical Specification
(A) Model UNIT JMC- 17D JMC- 41D JMC-S-41D
i Type   Three piece welded Three piece welded Seamless
ii Specification   IS: 7312 - 1993 IS: 7312 - 1993 IS: 7312 - 1993
iii Water Capacity +3% - 0% Lts. 17.2 41 41
iv Hydrostatic StretchTest Pressure Kgf/Cm2 53 53 250
v Pneumatic Leakage Test Pressure Kgf/Cm2 40 40 150
vi Max. Working Pressure at 150 C Kgf/Cm2 16 16 16
vii Gas Capacity Kg. 3.2 7 7
viii Outer Diameter mm. 185 258 232
ix Inner Diameter mm. 177 250 221 Approx .
x Wall Thickness mm. 4 4 5.6
xi Length Without Valve (Approx.) mm. 815 960 1220
(B) POROUS MASS        
  Type   Monolithic Calcium
Silicate Mass
Monolithic Calcium
Silicate Mass
Monolithic Calcium
Silicate Mass
  Porosity % 90-92 90-92 90-92
  Crushing Strength (Minimum) Kgf/Cm2 22 22 22
  Solvent . Acetone CH3COCH3 Acetone CH3COCH3 Acetone CH3COCH3
  Tare Weight Kg 29 55 65
(C) Valve conforms to   IS: 3224 IS: 3224 IS: 3224
(D) Fusible Plug   Two Fusible Plug Two Fusible Plug N.A.
(E) Basic Price Ex- Works Rs.      
We Offer Seamless DA . Cylinders in all capacities as per customer requirement.

(F) Scope of Supply:- D.A.  Cylinders with Monolithic Porous Mass filled with Acetone, saturated with gas, fitted with valve, Fusible plugs and valve guard surface metalized with zinc, painted, certified by BIS and approved by CCE.

1) Excise duty, Cess & Sales tax:- Excise duty, Cess @........and CST/ VAT @........with/ without form C' extra or as applicable at the time of delivery.

2) Delivery:- Within......at the rate of...............

3) Terms of Payment:- 15% advance alongwith P.O and balance at the time of delivery OR 25% advance and documents negotiation through your bank.

4) Warrantee:- Cylinders are warranted for one year for any sorts of manufacturing detect only.

5) Inspection & Test Certificate:- Cylinders shall be supplied along with BIS Test certificate and Gas filling permission from Deptt. Of Explosives, Nagpur

6) Validity:- 30/45/90 days for your acceptance from the date of issue.

7) Prices/ Taxes/ Duties ruling at time of delivery shall be charged.