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aiGateway White Labelled Payment Gateways Fraud Prevention Management

However, transaction fees are fairly weighty considering it aims itself at smaller businesses or in, our case, event promoters. Delays have been said to occur when transferring money to merchants’ bank accounts. There have also been reports of refunds taking a long time to get back to customers.Finally, there is no shopping cart feature. At Seatlab, we take care of the whole ticketing process, offering the Basket feature, where fans can safely checkout both tickets and merchandise in one go. If you think PayPal alone is limited, we suggest considering using our service, which integrates multiple payment gateways into a dynamic, feature-rich ticketing system. Without doubt, there are a wide range of benefits to the millions of businesses around the globe that use white label payment gateways.

white label payment gateway provider

It’s recognised for offering exceptional levels of security, while still providing small businesses and large corporations fair rates for processing transactions. A payment gateway with White label cryptocurrency guarantees many benefits for any company because the financial system is not an area where you should take risks. A high availability, high performance, PCI compliant white label omni-channel payment gateway with integrated fraud prevention. Providing high speed merchant sign up and boarding with access to main stream and alternative payment methods, ensuring maximum sales conversion and payment acceptance, whilst mitigating any risk exposure.

Multi-Customer Management

You can get quotes based on your industry and sales requirements, allowing you to find the best deals, features, and support tools for your business needs. Perhaps Cardstream’s most obvious weakness, when compared with the other providers on this list, is that there is no flat-rate cost for its services. The downside to Opayo is that you’ll be tied into a 12-month contract. That said, the provider gives little reason to leave, with package upgrades and decent customer service as part of the deal.

white label payment gateway provider

They charge upwards from £20.90 for 350 transactions per month and then £45 for 500 transactions per month. Bigger packages for bigger businesses have bespoke pricing tailored to their needs. One thing to point out about white label payment gateway SagePay is that it’s made for big businesses, so if you’re a first time event promoter you’re going to want to steer clear of SagePay. They can process payments in over 25 countries from a range of payment types.

Why choose a white label Payment Gateway?

Company Partners Deliver fast, secure payment processing to your customers and earn rewards from Payb. White Label Make the Payb platform your own and upsell payment processing to your customers. By providing an Application Programming Interface , Stripe enables WEB Developers/Designers to integrate payment processing into their Web sites & Mobile Applications.

white label payment gateway provider

It’s also not as intuitive as tech companies based entirely online, like Square. Instead, the Worldpay payment gateway needs to be built into your website’s backend as an application programming interface . We review the pros, cons and https://xcritical.com/ costs of the most popular online payment gateways, to find you the best deal on the perfect small business payment system. Stripes offer a complete payment platform that is designed with growth in your business at the forefront.

Full control over the process:

All solutions Crowdfunding and investment software for private placements, loan management and other. The gateway which is innovative & advaced with powerfull tools to increase your business needs. Seatlab’s ticketing system incorporates Mollie, PayPal and Stripe into our customisable checkout to ensure no payment types can be missed. White labelling typically requires functionalities such as the adaptation of the software’s visual appearance, multi-customer management and automatic billing to the end-customers based on usage parameters. If you make a purchase through the links on our site, we may earn a commission from the retailers of the products we have reviewed.

white label payment gateway provider

Transactions from payment gateways are monitored and thanks to our fees calculation engine, you have a clear insight in each of your transaction fees. Giving you more transparency on the running cost of your services. Cardstream, prides itself on integration and customisability. Payment gateways are secure and will encrypt private banking details entered into your website.

If you outsource beGateway white label payment processing platform to accept and process online payments,

By choosing a white-label solution, you can finally let go of outdated payment infrastructure, and take advantage of the possibility to shift your focus from solving technical issues to business development. You need to constantly update and develop your own payment solution to meet ever-changing market requirements. And if the technologies behind your system are outdated, shopping for developers and DevOps engineers who can solve your problems becomes a real challenge. When it comes to creating your own gateway, you have complete power. You are in charge of all the features and integrations that the gateway must have in order to meet your business requirements.

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